Artificial Intelligence - The Dance of Data and Diligence: A Net Positive

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a technological marvel that is reshaping our world in profound ways. With each passing day, AI’s influence expands, touching diverse aspects of our lives, from healthcare to entertainment and finance to transportation, among a few." - Jean-Michel Félix, CEO MCB Consulting

In this paper, we present a broad overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and its potential impact on various markets. We look specifically at Generative AI (e.g ChatGPT and Bard), a market which is, as reported by EY, already valued at USD13.7 billion globally in 2023 and is expected to increase to USD 165 billion (CAGR 34.6%) by 2032. Drawing on case studies from MCB Consulting* and MCB Innovation lab, we aim to shed light on this novel technology and showcase the benefits these tools could offer to the Mainland Africa, the Mauritian financial sector, and the broader consultancy domain.

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MCB Consulting
Jean-Michel Félix