We are a people-centric organisation. We focus on a work culture where happiness, expressing talent and passion to help others take center stage. When you join our team, we aim to be a valuable part of your life, not an impersonal compartment to your daily activities. We say "life with us," not "work for us."  



Why MCB Consulting?


We are dedicated to your personal growth and nurturing an environment for you to express your talents as an integral part of our team.  

We bring diverse ideas, backgrounds, and mindsets together

We express humanity with each other and when helping our clients solve their problems. This confidence migrates beyond your professional work and helps in your personal life.  

We embrace change in everything we do

Every moment is different. Everything changes. We do not fight it, but seek to understand and leverage the opportunities it presents. Our team members consume these real-life experiences and better themselves.  

Leveraging technology, not demonising it

We invest in technology to further the accessibility of first-class services for everyone and provide meaningful solutions to those we serve. Our work is bigger than us; we care about progressing humanity.