Adapting to change is to evolve. Today, the rapid pace of change means a world of endless possibilities for those prepared to deal with disruption. Businesses are living things, and beyond structural transformation programs or digitization, people are key to counteracting risk and any adverse pressures brought by change.

An operational excellence strategy is essential to foster an environment where your people get access to clear operational expertise and feel empowered to progress in their craft. This helps build authentic and beneficial relationships with customers.
Our operational excellence services

We have partnered with GIEOM, a provider of operational excellence tools, to provide the necessary framework to implement our client recommendations efficiently. To date, we have completed 20 deployments of GIEOM in 15 countries with capabilities in:


We can advise on operational excellence strategies tailored to various business profiles. This provides the foundational elements for creating a solid operational excellence framework, ensures quick decision-making based on our expert guidance, and, if required, create a project management roadmap for implementing GIEOM toolsets.

GIEOM-related Services

  • performing tailored baseline evaluations to clearly define end-to-end business processes having regards to the policies and regulations applicable to specific business profiles
  • helping manage change and train employees more effectively by deploying training programs in various formats (GIEOM features include the ability to centralise information and pin them to process maps for stakeholder understandability, and also assess how changing a business element impacts holistically on other business elements)
  • analysing and converting external regulatory and policy documents into valuable and easily communicable internal policies which reduce regulatory non-compliance
  • deploying GIEOM's AI-powered application to build an effective and inclusive operational risk management system (Features include the automation of tasks (e.g., classification, reporting, etc.) and multi-user capabilities)
  • implementing a wide array of know-your-customer (KYC) automated verification systems (for both digital and paper-based source documents), that can increase productivity, and discourage and detect fraudulent activity
  • delivering strategic advisory services and operational documentation (e.g., gap analyses, operational procedures, business processes, and forms)
  • providing project management support, building, and testing proof of concepts


GIEOM is a one-stop-shop enabling the application of fit-for-purpose operational expertise in business tasks. The suite contains several applications that allow for capacity building and knowledge transfer in teams, effective compliance monitoring, and training efficiency.