We plan and design our training sessions meticulously to maximise efficiency. We opt for a "blended learning" style that combines instructor-led training, practice sessions, and evaluations.

"We use in-classroom training to deliver essential theoretical knowledge. We test the application of acquired knowledge in a practical setting with a hands-on approach; we also use learnings from case studies. We then evaluate and communicate trainee performance." - Jean Michel, Training Supervisor

We are committed to:

  • establishing a training plan or curriculum
  • monitoring in-classroom and hands-on training
  • providing training materials
  • evaluating knowledge acquisition (with GIEOM tool)


ArticleApril 14, 2021

La gestion du capital humain en Afrique

Banques africaines

Dans un monde qui se digitalise de plus en plus, et à l’ère du tout-numérique, la jeunesse africaine se compose