Human Capital Management in Africa


All Africans must have a chance to develop physically and intellectually in order to build a more prosperous world. Investment in human capital, such as education and health care, is increasingly seen as a critical factor to enable the growth and prosperity of countries. They are very cost-effective and help better cope with rapid change, such as today’s technological transformation. Human capital is the state of health, the various skills, knowledge and experience of a population, and symbolises a country’s greatest asset on a global scale.

It is increasingly considered as the main springboard for a nation’s economic growth. Other transformations are taking place, including in the financial sector, where a revolution is actually taking place. For example, the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing financial services.

There is also a shift to another stage with augmented reality, which enables us to deliver a successful and interactive experience to our customers. The bank branch could be totally dematerialised, offering virtual appointments with an adviser represented by an avatar. Big Data is another key issue, fuelled by the take-up of digital technology and the proliferation of  analysis and prediction systems, and the wealth of information on people’s attitudes has never been so consistent and accessible.

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