The testing phase and solutions implementations in IT projects is a critical step in ensuring successful solution deployment. Properly designed and implemented test cycles reduce the risk of significant glitches and old/new code compatibility issues.

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Consulting on testing strategies and address defect prioritisation, monitoring, and reporting

Enhancing an existing testing library to ensure optimal testing coverage

Building automated test scenarios (as-is, regression, new functionality/module testing)

Performing tests (automated and manual)

Building capacity


ArticleApril 28, 2021

Cloud Solutions are becoming the safest path to innovation

The Big Data Revolution has considerably accelerated the adoption of innovative digital solutions across industries, allowing improved capacity to handle

ArticleApril 14, 2021

La gestion du capital humain en Afrique

Banques africaines

Dans un monde qui se digitalise de plus en plus, et à l’ère du tout-numérique, la jeunesse africaine se compose