How digitally sober are we?


We live in a fast-paced and ever-changing community governed by technology. Our day-to-day lives have literally been transformed. From endless remote meetings to a multitude of apps and streaming services to choose from to ease our lives, we’re consumed with being online and connected. As a result, the use of electrical devices and the volume of data we generate is booming.

Over the years, we as individuals have started to feel more responsible about our impact on the planet and even organisations are leaning in. Businesses across the industrial spectrum are putting in significant efforts through their activities to align to sustainability targets and commitments to net-zero climate emissions.

However, behind the scenes, another story is unfolding, invisible for the many, yet with heavy consequences attached. We can no more be adamant to the impact of IT equipment, use of software, data centres or other types of technology whether on-premise or in the cloud.

The concept of digital sobriety

Whether we like it or not, digital technologies have a footprint. And even though a lot of companies are making the effort, the positive impact of same is still relatively low. Let us ponder on same for a moment...

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Jean-Michel Félix/Karina Virasawmy