We provide core banking integration services and guide financial institutions in leveraging Transact technology seamlessly with their current IT infrastructure. We are an award-winning partner of Temenos and a Transact integrations specialist with over 500 successful projects in 42 countries.

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Drafting specific strategies

Designing and implementing governance solutions

Defining business requirements

Documenting targeted business processes

Conducting training and evaluation exercises

Drafting test scripts for user acceptance testing

Monitoring project status, including associated risks


Digital sobriety
ArticleAugust 01, 2022

How digitally sober are we?


We live in a fast-paced and ever-changing community governed by technology. Our day-to-day lives have literally been transformed. From

Remote work
ArticleJuly 25, 2022

Is the future of work hybrid?

As the pandemic starts to wear off after more than two years of intense sanitary restrictions, lockdowns and health protocols