Our Approach

To date, we have conducted over 50 training assignments internationally.


Classroom-Style Training

We deliver face-to-face courses or workshops from customised training material.



This addresses on-the-job coaching and learning in a real work environment.


E-Learning and Evaluation Tools

We use technology (e.g., GIEOM through IT simulation screens and MCQs) to facilitate training, evaluate staff knowledge, and provide post-training reports.

Our services

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Training Partners

We leverage a strategic alliance with major partners to offer up-to-date training solutions, based on their proven experience and expertise across multiple sectors and countries.



LinearArc solutions:...

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E-Learning and Evaluation Tools

Continuous in-house training is vital for internal departments to effectively communicate and coordinate their efforts, to accelerate knowledge transfer and evaluate capabilities, and to promote a collaborative culture.

Using online...


Classrooms and Workshops

Our expert trainers can help you solve practical problems, keep up with new developments in your field, and hit the ground running following implementations of new technology or processes.


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We plan and design our training sessions meticulously to maximise efficiency. We opt for a "blended learning" style that combines instructor-led training, practice sessions, and evaluations.

"We use in-classroom training...


Immersive Training

As our management consulting practice forms part of the largest banking group in Mauritius, we are in a unique position to invite and immerse professionals to receive practical training in...


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