walking the walk

We have a people-centric focus that encourages our team members to express their humanity. We believe that taking care of the soul, body, mind, and the environment in which we live is essential for happiness and being of assistance to others.

We invest in eco-friendly activities targeted towards the sustainability of the green and blue economy, and are passionate sponsors of youth development initiatives.

Our contributions to social good include:

Climate Change

We reduce our emissions by planting trees to offset our travel footprint (one tree per 100,000 km travelled)

Green Up.

We recycle, encourage our team members to care for plants and conduct regular team building activities in nature

Blue Economy

We invest and participate in coral reef protection through coral planting initiatives including diving initiations

Youth Development

We support sports professionals' integration into the corporate world and promote sports initiatives

Staff Health

We promote healthy living by making gym facilities with accompanied workouts (fitness instructor, Zumba classes, kickboxing) available to our employees.