AC Consulting is a consulting and recruitment firm created in 2019. The company offers on the local and international market for financing solutions through its activities financial intermediation as well as human capital management solutions.

AC Consulting provides: 

Business consultancy:
Provide intermediation between SMEs seeking financing and the various financial partners.
Recruitment of staff employed on behalf of companies:
Implement on behalf of client companies, a focused recruitment process on a quality approach.

o Asset / liability management,
o Cash management,
o Performance indicator identification technique and management dashboard development,
o Budget preparation and budget control technique,
o Management control analysis tools and techniques,
o Bank accounting and cost accounting,
o Operational management of teams,
o Management of a bank branch,
o Project management,
o Digital marketing,
o Commercial development of a VISA portfolio,
o Approach to identifying the risks associated with a project,
o Prevention and detection of corporate fraud,
o Bank fraud and internal control,
o Use of internal control tools,
o Digital banking.