A strategic leader helping to change customer perspective



Every business transformation is carried out with the sole purpose of bringing value to the organization. This could entail optimizing the firm's potential through unleashing the potential of personnel, utilizing intellectual properties, and leveraging innovative products, so that the organization can deliver new solutions & services, improve efficiency, and redefine customer experience. Needless to say, this paints a rosier picture on paper than its practical counterpart. It’s a complex task that calls for special expertise.

Every business transformation project should ensure using the most effective procedures, strategies and technology solutions in order to meet the organizational goals. Achieving this goal also needs innovative thinking and challenging the status quo.  

Thanks to his empowered mindset to always challenge the status quo, Jean Michel Felix, CEO, MCB Consulting, has always been entrusted to establish or sometimes rebuild businesses throughout his professional career. Jean Michel’s obsession for innovation and intense emphasis on improving customer experience has been instrumental in MCB Group establishing itself as one of the leading financial institutions in Africa. In an exclusive conversation with CEO Insights, Jean Michel spoke about his role in developing transformational strategies for the company.

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