In today's world, the proper handling of digital data brings efficiency to business processes, accelerates decision-making ability, enables better customer experience, and boosts the incidence of repeat business. Enhancing business models with a digitised approach is not optional for most companies; it is essential for maintaining an edge in the market.

Our digitalisation services focus on ensuring harmony between the application of technology to your business model and the people entrusted with sustaining and growing your commercial footprint. This maximises the probability of being successful in meeting your expectations.

How can we help

Performing Impact Assessments

Conducting Digital Transformation Workshops

We deliver workshops to create a Digital Transformation Roadmap. Note that our digitalisation methodology is accredited by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA), and our workshop is an MQA approved course. Any Mauritian company paying for our digitalisation workshop can avail itself of government-subsidised rates. 

Designing targeted digitalisation strategic pillars

Dealing with Risk

We determine key business risks in the digitalisation process, create a risk "heat map," and draft action plans to mitigate your risk exposure.

Identifying IT solutions required to support the business needs

Establishing key functional pointers for non-existing IT solutions

Writing high-level action plans to optimise the use of existing IT solutions


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